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So, I told you I was a writer….

Here are a few of the books and short stories currently out. You can find more information at and

My most recent release was a short story published in the fabulous Fiction River: Risk Takers Anthology.

FR Risk Takers ebook cover web


Books written as Christen Anne Kelley:

Home Run ebook cover - PubitGame Over - PubitMore than a Game - ebook cover

Swing Away - ebook edition - PubitProm Dates & Softball Bats - ebook cover - PubItBatter Up Pucker Up - ebook - PubitEverlasting - ebook - PubitAll or Nothing - ebook cover - Pubit


Books written as Chrissy Wissler:

Guardian's Vengeance - Book One of the Guardian ChroniclesWho Said Elves Don't Exist CollectionI Don't Believe in Elves


As you can see, much of what I’ve published is in various stages. Some books are in print, a handful are in audio, and a few more have even gotten a face-lift for book covers and interior design (both which required considerable learning and trial-and-error practice on my end). There are even more books and pen names that still need a lot of reworking and redesigning, a process that WILL happen this century, I assure you.

Either  way, it’s good information (and examples) for other parent-writers out there. Do what you can with the time you’ve got.

My main goal is to enjoy my children,  and after that is to write. The publishing, the designing, all that extra stuff, will come eventually.

So, don’t mind the ugly covers.

Or the websites in serious need of resurrection.

I’ll get to them.

One day.



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